Consumer insights

Qualified reviews, a high quality customer-centric approach!

Having trouble knowing if your products or services are popular? Would you like to know what your consumers think after using your product? Are you tired of expensive market research and unqualified reviews?

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A customer-centric strategy

Do you want to give your customers a central role in your strategy and offer consumer goods that are expected on the market? But how do you go about gathering qualified consumer insights and avoiding product failures in the marketplace? Trustt has the right solution for you!

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Trustt helps you collect qualified and authentic consumer reviews

Trustt helps you in your customer centric approach and in the improvement of your products or services. Generating consumer insights allows you to improve the user experience, avoid market research costs and offer the right products at the right time!

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“50 reviews on a product or service sheet can increase your conversion rate by 30%!”

Bill Gates

Stay close to your customers’ expectations

Consumer insights allow you to study the buying motivations of consumers, their barriers, their consumption habits, current trends, their needs… Thanks to consumer insights, you will be able to identify the problems and needs of your target in order to offer them the best solution! The more precise and targeted your insights are, the more your product will be appreciated and effective!

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Improve your brand image

Show that you are a brand that listens to your customers’ needs by putting them first. The implementation of precise and targeted questionnaires, the interaction with your community on social media help you to build a relationship of trust with your users and to know them better. Your e-reputation will be greatly enhanced!

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50 reviews on an e-commerce product sheet is a chance to increase your conversion rate by 30%!

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