Generate word-of-mouth from consumers and influencers

Get people talking about your brand, with little or no effort

When you know that word-of-mouth 2.0 converts five times more than traditional media, there is no doubt about the importance of brand notoriety and awareness. It is essential to stand out among the hundreds of online offers your target is exposed to, but it is not that simple.

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Putting your brand in the spotlight

It’s hard for a brand to elbow its way through the countless direct or indirect competitors that stand in its way on the web. How to make your brand known and give it an edge over the competition?

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Trustt boosts brands’ e-reputation based on UGC

Trustt builds brand awareness through various levers, regardless of their size and maturity. Ask for demo →

“84% of consumers trust their peers before traditional media”

according to Everyonesocial

Customers, get writing

By inviting its own community to express itself about its brand or its products, the company benefits from much more than a simple “publicity stunt”:
  • It strengthens its “customer-centric” approach by giving voice to its customers,
  • It improves its referencing on the various digital platforms where it is present, especially in the algorithms of social media,
  • It builds confidence in its future customers before they make a purchase,
  • It increases its reach and conversion rate!
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strategy customer centric with trustt
create  communities

Trustt, communities’ megaphone

Through various strategies implemented according to the needs of the brands, the solution generates content in several forms:
  • Authentic and comprehensive reviews on product sheets,
  • Before/after photos,
  • UGC on social media,
  • Blog articles.
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This is the number of brands that have already used Trustt to boost their online reputation.

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