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Trustt is a community engagement CRM with a unique suite of solutions: authentic opinion generation and UGC, advocacy & influence marketing, market research, serving the development of your business

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Direct-To-Consumer best practices integrated into the solution

Trustt allows you to automate word-of-mouth by being the only solution to combine proprietary data, authentic and enriched reviews (UGC) and affinity influence.
Trustt transforms your audience into authentic super contributors by relying on these 3 strategic axes:


Converting consumers on a large scale

Benefit from the richest and most authentic free content on the market, generated by an army of committed contributors who appreciate your brand and your products:

  • Rich and authentic reviews for your product pages,
  • Quality UGC for your social networks,
  • Relevant blog posts,
  • Before/after photos and videos
  • More “classic” reviews for your landing pages, newsletters or print communication…

Consumers have omnichannel access to this information throughout their entire purchasing process.


Capitalize on an engaged community

With Trustt, you can collect a large number of relevant reviews and insights in order to know and anticipate the needs of your target audience while staying one step ahead of the competition. This proprietary data, ultra-segmented, fresh and tailored, refines your targeting strategy and guides you towards the design of a “best seller” product, in a co-creation approach with your consumers.


Engage the ambassadors who fit to your target audience

Thanks to SophIA®, a smart matching technology developed by Trustt, identify the right ambassadors based on their affinity with your brand and products. Informed by the audience data of the influencers and by the consumption criteria of the candidates, the creation of thousands of ambassador panels has never been so easy.

“Trustt’s solution is revolutionizing the way products are turned into best sellers by enabling the development of communities of consumers and influencers that are the voice of a brand’s benefits and values.”
Nadia Gabriel, founder of Trustt

The consumer at the heart of the strategy

Affinity traffic acquisition

Stand out on search engines and social networks with affinity traffic acquisition on Google, Facebook, Instagram…. Use the right ratings and reviews, in paid and organic content, to create high-converting ads.

Online and in-store conversion

Increase sales with social proof by displaying the most relevant content at key conversion points on your website. Build trust in your brand by presenting rich, authentic content throughout your customers’ buying journey

Synchronization of teams around consumers

Optimize the synergy between your marketing and product teams around your consumers to stay constantly connected to the evolution of your business and the improvement of your offers.
Trustt integrates naturally with the technological environment of marketing
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