Improve your conversion rate on e-retail platforms

E-retailers, high conversion places?

Selling your products elsewhere than on your e-shop can scare off many brands: additional costs, lack of freedom regarding product pages, fear of lacking visibility on the results… However, brands that have an excellent e-reputation shatter the sales counter on their marketplace! You don’t believe it? It is possible with Trustt!


More outlets, more customers?

Adopting an omnichannel strategy and multiplying the points of contact is a good way to smoothen the buying process of your customers – or future customers. Diversifying your distribution channels also allows you to maximize your conversions. But how to make the most of the game and boost sales on e-retail platforms ?


Trustt optimizes the conversion rate of your products on e-retail platforms

Enable all the digital marketing levers to make your products excel on your e-retail partner platforms!

“It’s especially important for your business to target multichannel customers, as they spend three times as much as single channel customers.”

according to a Kinsta study.

Get your products noticed

Trustt combines data, reviews and influence that act in synergy to boost your conversions:

  • Data: With Trustt’s product campaign registration forms, get insights into the real expectations of your target group and choose the most relevant e-retailers.
  • Reviews: Trustt’s product campaigns provide you with authentic and extensive reviews that you can export to your e-retailers’ product pages. 50 reviews on a product sheet means 30% more conversions!
  • Influence: The User Generated Content (UGC) of brand ambassadors on social networks improves your reputation and makes you a “top of mind” brand for your target audience.

More completed purchases, fewer returns.

Trustt is a scalable solution that brings together every member of your team as well as your distributors on the same tool. The solution maximizes your e-reputation and allows you to get more trust from the e-retail platforms to guide your target to the products they really want.

At the same time, your teams refine their knowledge of the customer journey in order to propose offers and services that are increasingly in line with the needs of the target.


This number represents the additional conversions that 50 reviews on a product sheet generate!