Matching products/consumers panel

Finding the perfect consumers effortlessly

A good product in the hands of an off-target consumer is a one-way ticket to a failed customer experience, negative reviews and poor word-of-mouth. Therefore, it’s important to properly target your panel of consumers!

finding the perfect consumers

A consumer panel is not a lottery

Choosing your consumer panel randomly or based on a few criteria is not a good solution. Only targeting people by age, gender and social class is not enough today. How do we know what their real needs are, what motivates them and what holds them back?

identify the best consumer

Trustt identifies the best consumer panel for your products

The Trustt software provides brands with the best panel thanks to a machine learning algorithm, SophIA®, which cross-checks consumer data with the characteristics of your product to find the perfect match ! Ask for demo →

“8 out of 10 consumers do their research online and then buy in person”.

according to the LSA media

Finding the perfect ambassadors using data

The Trustt database has dozens of pieces of information about your potential panelists. To find the best ambassadors, the algorithm analyzes:
  • Socio-demographic variables,
  • Usual buying path,
  • Consumer habits,
  • Insights (needs, expectations, incentives, obstacles…),
  • Closeness to the competition,
  • Relationship with social media / influencers,
  • And many more…
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finding the perfect ambassador
marketing algorithm

Save time and energy

The algorithm selects the most relevant panel under the supervision of our CRM experts. No need to spend hours going through ambassador profiles! Ask for demo →

Trustt has 10M data points to enrich its machine learning system.

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