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Prestashop: sales-enhancing reviews

The role of the salesperson in the store is to guide potential customers to the most suitable product, as well as to reinforce the credibility of the products by certifying their effectiveness. But who takes the place of these advisors on your e-shop? Get rich and honest reviews on your product pages by integrating the Trustt reviews module to your Prestashop CMS!


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Your review is important to us

On your e-commerce platform, it is the customer reviews that lead your prospects to the products that best suit their needs. Not only do customer reviews help in the decision making process, but they also serve as proof of product effectiveness. But how can you be sure to collect enough reviews on your product sheets?


Groundbreaking reviews for your CMS

Credibility, better referencing, brand awareness, increased sales… The Trustt SaaS solution helps brands benefit from these advantages thanks to the most relevant customer reviews on the market.

“87% of French people say they look at customer reviews before making a purchase decision”

according to an IFOP study.


Give your ambassadors a voice!

The Trustt tool generates enough quality reviews to boost conversions.

  • The unique SophIA® Smart Matching algorithm composes a panel of highly qualified ambassadors by analyzing thousands of data on the ambassadors and their audience.
  • The written or video reviews provide information on all the characteristics of the product (sensoriality, effectiveness, packaging, etc.) and the ambassador who published the review (age, lifestyle, social networks, etc.) in order to direct the prospect to the product that is most effective.

Front row reviews on search engines

Besides integrating the review module to your product pages, Trustt reviews are integrated into Google’s rich snippet results to reinforce the credibility of your products, right from the first stage of your prospects’ search.


brands use Trustt Reviews for Prestashop.