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Get more visibility thanks to reviews on one of the largest French beauty products distributors!

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What is getting

a review on Sephora?

As you know, the cosmetics market is very competitive!

Some related brands, and others much more prestigious, are marketed through Sephora.

To boost brand awareness, Sephora allows consumers to use the Customer Review Service:

  • A space in which reviews are stored ready to be displayed on electronic communication and advertising media.
  • UGC : content generated by users to share their experience with the product.

Thus, this experience-based marketing is a good strategy to give visibility to small brands.

How useful is it to have

reviews on Sephora?

Thanks to the reviews submitted by consumers, Sephora gives visibility to a large number of new brands while constantly adapting to changes in its customers’ buying habits.

Represented by stars ranging from one star (“not for me”) to five stars (“I love it”), this “rating” helps the customer to sort through all the multiple cosmetic product offers.

These reviews can be completed by additional comments left by Internet users: advice, suggestions, tips and information about the product purchased in the store or on the web.

Based on these recommendations, future consumers will continue shopping until they validate their cart. Thus, technology is placed at the service of the customer experience and their needs.

As a confidential brand, get qualified reviews to stand out from the so-called prestigious brands!

L'utilité d'un avis sur Sephora
Comment déposer un avis sur Sephora

How to get

a review on Sephora?

The first and last name of the user are not visible on the platform, only the username and physical characteristics are mentioned. A brand can get reviews on Sephora in different ways:

  • Directly on his Sephora page: the customer, who is a Sephora member, must connect to his Beauty Account. After purchasing or testing the product, the user decides to post a comment online about his or her personal experience with the treatment based on several criteria,
  • By synchronising the reviews of web users from the brand’s website to the Sephora website.

In this context, Trustt software solution makes it possible to submit the reviews collected during product campaigns directly to Sephora website. This process helps the brand to get additional qualified reviews to promote their products. These reviews must be validated by the platform’s team of moderators, who check whether the content complies with the general terms of use of the consumer review service and the Sephora charter.