Why Trustt

1/3 of all consumer goods are commercial failures

Our mission

To create a virtuous circle between brands and consumers to improve the life of products

Our strength

Bringing together the teams and fundamentals of product marketing: Data – Reviews – Influence

A new vision of product creation and distribution

One click is all it takes to make every product on the market accessible with digital today, but this overwhelming choice results in a compulsive and failed acquisition. Even at the height of digital, we believe that the perfect experience is a synergy between the digital journey and human relationships.

Now, more than ever, brands need to restore the loss of trust in the beauty world.

Consumer goods,

a question of trust


“One of the key success factors for brands is to design a product that meets consumers’ expectations and which they can fully trust, in response to the growing awareness of product composition and environmental impact.”

Nadia Gabriel,
Founder and CEO

1 min to understand Trustt

Key milestones in our development

2014Listening, analysing

250 cosmetic brands consulted in 3 months. Analysis of needs and issues.

2019Creating, improving

Creation of Trustt, to better target the affinity audience, generated authentic and comprehensive reviews, trigger the right influence to ultimately increase sales.

2020 Going further

The software is provided to cosmetic brands as a white-label product to ensure the success of their product launch campaigns on their own.

2021Join us!

Toutes nos offres d'emploi sont sur Welcome To The Jungle

Our values

Taking care of others

Taking care of our customers, but also our colleagues, end-users and partners. Listening to the customer is key, we have an empathetic and user-centric approach that puts users at the centre of everything we do. Let’s make the voice of the customer resonate in our daily lives, let’s be attentive and collaborative.

Improve your knowledge

Knowledge is key: the focus is on training in all its forms: external, internal, podcast, tutorial, coaching, masterclass, webinar

Stay humble

Ego is at the service of the project and not the other way around

Challenge the status quo

We should not settle for the way things are: how can we do better? How can we improve?

Add value

What makes the difference is the added value we bring to an ecosystem, through expertise, experience

Be passionate

You never excel as much as when you are passionate about your missions and the challenges of your users
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