All you need to know about sampling

Stop bad targeting thanks to sampling!

You don’t have proprietary data? Is market research too expensive? Despite your attempts to work with various influencers, your popularity has not taken off?

By collecting fresh proprietary data on your target audience with the Trustt software, you can detect their true consumption criteria. Offer the product or service your customers really want!


1…2…3… go!

How to stop this waste of time and energy? How to know your target better and offer them the right products at the right time? We have the solution to stop these failures of consumer goods due to poor understanding of your target!


Trustt helps you get proprietary data and create communities around your brand

Knowing your target has never been easier! Save money and be a brand that listens to its consumers!

Analyze the data collected and make your customers your best assets.

“40% of consumer goods on the market are commercial failures caused by poor knowledge of the target”

Proprietary data

Trustt helps you develop your target group by setting up precise and sophisticated quantitative studies ! Launch numerous campaigns to collect data and target your ideal persona.

Be as specific as possible: the more data you have, the easier it will be to accurately segment samples of people within your consumer panel.


Influencers that match your brand

Thanks to sampling, Trustt helps you select influencers that match your brand and more: the software allows you to analyze the community and audience of the selected influencers.

We analyze their engagement rate, the quality of their audience, the age, the country, the language spoken in order to better align the audience and the target of your brand!

With a successful sampling, ensure a good ROI for your future partnerships!


50 qualified consumer reviews on your product sheets increase your conversion rate by 30%!