Get reviews on Amazon

Get reviews on Amazon and sell your products more easily. Here are a few points on how and why to collect reviews on this marketplace.

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What is getting

a review on Amazon?

Since 2019, online users can provide ratings symbolized by stars when they have purchased products on Amazon.

After product delivery, consumers receive an email to evaluate their purchase. This rating is posted under the product title and in the Amazon distribution table.

The user can leave a detailed and relevant comment: these reviews (price, delivery, quality and experience of the product, stock…) are essential to improve the user experience.

Good to know:

Amazon separates verified reviews from unverified reviews (from someone who did not purchase the product on Amazon).

How useful is it to have

reviews on Amazon?

Getting positive reviews on Amazon is essential for many


  • Users are paying more and more attention to customer reviews on the web. So the more starred reviews you have on Amazon, the higher the conversion, 
  • The company gets 30% more orders when it receives 50 relevant reviews,
  • Having positive reviews of your products online helps position them on top of product listings on Amazon,
  • Positive reviews build credibility for your product sold on Amazon and on the web in general,
  • Product review collection helps drive organic and paid traffic from Amazon’s listing pages. Note that customers can filter products by average scores…
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How to get

more reviews on Amazon?

  • Sellers issue coupon codes for customers to buy their products on Amazon. In exchange, they leave a note – a photo or a video – that promotes the product,
  • Set up a marketing automation system with email automation. Use the Feedback Genius which thanks the customer for their purchase while giving them the opportunity to give a review on Amazon. If the review is positive, a new email is sent to get a new product review from the customer on the Amazon page.
  • Review Kick helps to sell products with huge discount offers in exchange for an honest response from buyers about the quality of the product,
  • You can add the “request a review” feature that will be integrated directly on your product page of the Amazon platform,

The Trustt software stands out thanks to the many answers it provides to the questions of brands wishing to refine their marketing strategy.

By helping brands identify the best panelists representative of their target audience, Trustt helps them run honest and authentic campaigns and collect qualified reviews for their marketing campaigns.

Thus, Trustt also allows brands to get customer reviews on Amazon.