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Years of wording behind a product that does not meet with the expected success… This is the nightmare of all brands. This is a common occurrence, however, as one in three product launches is a commercial failure.

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An obstacle course

It is no longer enough to develop a successful product. Today, companies are faced with multiple challenges: what can I do to make my product known? How can I successfully target? How do I build a community around my brand?

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Trustt boosts products at every stage of their life cycle

Trustt became a leader in product testing after creating a community media. With thousands of passionate and engaged members, the solution allows brands to have their products tested for authentic reviews, data and social impact. Organize a product test →

“One third of product launches in the market are commercial failures”

Double benefits: for consumers…

Conducting product tests with a panel of consumers is even more beneficial than you might think. This is an excellent way to keep ambassadors happy:
  • By giving them value through the products,
  • By showing them the interest, consideration and attention that the brand gives them,
  • By giving them the opportunity to express themselves sincerely on the products tested.
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… as well as for brands

Which at the same time benefit from:
  • A better e-reputation,
  • Authentic reviews which strengthen product sheets,
  • Data consumers to refine targeting,
  • Better engagement and conversion rates.
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