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Are your campaign calls not reaching your desired number of applications? Is your visibility struggling to take off? Are you looking to get a maximum number of potential ambassadors applying for your campaigns and to promote yourself as a customer-centric brand?

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Ad platforms can help you target people who are a good fit for your product and get more applications on your campaigns. Get Facebook ads manager to display your ads and target affinity communities/audiences on Instagram, Facebook and the audience network. The Facebook pixel is a code/tracker implemented on your website to detect which pages have been viewed, which products have been added to the cart, etc.

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Facebook Ads integrated into the Trustt tool

Trustt helps you improve the reach of your ambassador campaigns through Facebook Ads Manager. With your Facebook pixel, follow the conversions of users who have filled out the registration form on your product campaigns.

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“39% of Facebook users like brand pages so they can search for different products.”

Maximize the number of applications

With the Facebook pixel, remove the people who have already validated the campaign application form and only target the visitors of your website. This pixel allows you to have a better conversion on the number of registrations to your product campaigns, unlike ads without targeting.

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retain your community

Retain your community

Having people who participated in your ambassador program will ultimately build loyalty. By providing products that really match your prospects’ needs and expectations, you increase your chances that they will become your best brand ambassadors.

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Attract new people

Target people similar to your consumers in order to increase the number of applications, and ultimately, your customer base. Through ad platforms, and via the ambassador program, maximize your sales and increase your prospects’ interest in your brand.

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attract new people with trustt

50 reviews on an e-commerce product sheet is a chance to increase your conversion rate by 30%!

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