Identify your ambassadors

Your clients, your best representatives

No one likes to watch TV commercials. Today’s consumers are aware of the commercial strategy behind each advertisement and appear to have become immune to it.

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Ending the crisis of confidence

Calling on the most fashionable muses is no longer a solution at a time when traditional communication no longer converts. What can be done to restore the lost confidence of consumers? Where can we find those who can embody the brand and its values?

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Trustt creates an ambassador program

What if the best ambassadors were those closest to the brands? Trustt proposes to create an ambassador program directly on the e-commerce website to invite customers to become actors of the success of their favorite brand. Create a program →

“Word of mouth converts four to five times more than traditional media.”

based on a study by the consulting firm BCG

Putting customers first in your strategy

Creating an ambassador program is an opportunity to achieve several goals:
  • Multiply the UGC on social media,
  • Reinforce the customer-centric approach,
  • Get an excellent ROI
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Customer ambassadors in line with the brand’s values

… to provide evidence of the effectiveness of the products, but also:
  • Strengthen and humanize the brand image,
  • Build an engaged community,
  • Improve customer conversion and retention.
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Trustt already supports more than 150 customers who want to extend their product life cycle

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