Getting reviews on Shopify

Shopify: rating stars to make your e-shop shine!

Not having consumer reviews means missing out on the key reassurance data that guides your target and convinces them to buy. The Trustt Reviews module plugs into Shopify CMS to display authentic and detailed reviews on your product listings!


They use Trustt Reviews


Testimony required

It is said today that not having customer reviews on your e-shop is like not having salespeople in store. Having enough reviews is therefore essential to affirm the credibility of your products on your e-shop. However, beyond the quantity, you must ensure the quality of your customer reviews: – How to get honest, relevant and high value-added testimonies?

How can you make the most of these reviews so that they become a good example of the effectiveness of your products?


Trustt supplies your CMS with a unique review module

The Trustt Reviews module is compatible with the Shopify platform which allows you to easily import all your customer reviews – old and new – on the new Trustt module! A simple “click” is all you need! Collect fresh and relevant customer reviews and get benefits on your  visibility, e-reputation and conversions !

“87% of French people say they look at customer reviews before making a purchase decision”

according to an IFOP study.

Give your ambassadors a voice

Trustt is a SaaS solution that provides brands with the most relevant consumer reviews on the market.

  • The SophIA® Smart Matching algorithm establishes the panel of ambassadors most likely to appreciate your products by crossing thousands of data points.
  • The review module details each characteristic of the product (effectiveness-sensoriality-packaging…) and of the ambassador (socio-demographic data – physical characteristics…) to lead the target towards the product that really corresponds to its needs and expectations.
smart matching pour avoir des ambassadeurs

Good web-based reviews

The Trustt Reviews module integrates with your CMS and displays the ambassadors’ reviews on your product pages, but also in Google’s rich snippets. From the first step of their search, your prospects are aware of the effectiveness of your products, directly from the Google SERPs.


brands use Trustt Reviews for Shopify.

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