Finding the best influencers

Product campaigns: influence me if you can

Influence marketing has become the digital version of word-of-mouth. However, if collaborating with influencers can have extremely positive effects for your product campaigns, a bad targeting of ambassadors can be a waste of time and even lead to bad buzz. How about a tool that puts together the perfect panel for you? It exists, it’s Trustt.


Place your bets

Identifying which influencer to collaborate with is neither a game of chance nor a matter of intuition. It is necessary to use precise selection criteria. But how do you know which metrics to focus on to find the right influencer to make your product campaign work?


Data, the secret weapon

Trustt has developed a unique machine learning technology, the SophIA® algorithm, to enable brands to select their panel of influencers with the highest precision.

“29% of consumers become interested in a brand after an influencer mentions it.”

according to a Harris Interactive study

The perfect panel, in one click

Trustt combines data, reviews and influence that act in synergy to boost your conversions:

No more scrolling through hundreds of Instagram accounts. SophIA® cross-checks thousands of data instantly and analyzes the most qualified profiles for your product campaign.

The algorithm is based on:

  • The areas of expertise of the influencers,
  • The quality of their content,
  • Their connection with the brand or the product,
  • Their commitment,
  • Their authenticity,
  • The relevance of their audience.

A “data-vore” solution

Trustt is a scalable solution that analyzes more and more data to propose a panel of influencers that is increasingly relevant.

A need of the brands equipped by Trustt = a new software feature!


Trustt and its SophIA® algorithm select the top 100 influencers for your product campaign.