Why collect email addresses?

Email marketing is a fundamental lever to optimize the development of your business

Pourquoi collecter des adresses emails ?
Emailing statistiques

What email can do

Used by all Internet users for decades,

  • The email guarantees the long-term singularity of the data,
  • It requires very little expense and is easily automated,
  • With a large amount of data, email helps you easily track the results of your marketing campaigns,
  • It makes segmentation (region, physical specificities…) and rating easier,
  • It is a lever for ROI conversion, acquisition and retention,
  • This tool is cross-device (it works on all terminals and adapts to all layouts)

How to collect

email addresses?

You can collect email addresses by mixing different methods:

  • Subscription to the newsletter,
  • Add value to your users’ experience in exchange for their email: video, pdf, white paper, images, advertising coupons, contests…
  • Integrate a subscription form in strategic areas of your website or blog,
  • Prepare an original and creative form,
  • Automate the process on the Internet via a powerful collection tool with advanced features,
  • Direct your followers to a landing page via a link or a Call-To-Action on your social media,
  • Convert visitors that leave your website into customers with exit pop-ups that offer irresistible deals,
  • Use the inbound marketing strategy through quality content and information suited to its target
Comment collecter des adresses email ?
Utilisation des adresses mails

How to use

qualified email addresses?

  • The opt-in list is the foundation of your corporate direct marketing,
  • These opt-ins allow you to send regular newsletters to your customers and prospects,
  • An opt-in helps you reach your customer effectively by sending them a targeted message,
  • Collecting qualified leads is the least intrusive means of digital communication to create a commercial relationship with your target and to increase your conversion rate.

In this context, Trustt makes it possible to get qualified and segmented opt-ins in order to design a more targeted communication. Thus, refine your marketing strategy by gathering valuable information about your target!