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Philips: when the leader of home appliances benefits from the best reviews on the market


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The brand

At the top of the list of the biggest brands of household appliances, Philips group has chosen Trustt to boost the sales of two of its ranges, Philips One Blade and Philips Sonicare. The brand’s reputation, combined with the authentic and extensive reviews of Trustt ambassadors, have greatly contributed to the success of the technological jewels offered by the two lines.

No need to introduce this world-renowned group anymore! Koninklijke Philips N.V., commonly referred to as Philips, is a Dutch company that is now one of the world’s leading household appliance brands. Philips divides its business into three strategic areas: consumer goods, healthcare and lighting. Within its consumer division, Philips excels in the men’s shaver market with its Philips One Blade range and in the electric toothbrush market with the Philips Sonicare range.

The goal

Build consumer confidence in the benefits of Philips products

With a great brand image built up over the years, Philips’ international reputation is well established! However, some innovative products such as the Philips One Blade Pro shaver and the 2 electric toothbrushes Philips Sonicare Prestige 9900 and Protectiveclean 4300 were still looking for their core target.

The Philips digital team knew that, in order to send the right messages at the right time when the right products are available, it is necessary to know your consumers perfectly: their needs, their desires but also their expectations… And to build an adequate e-reputation and make products go viral on the web, data has a key role to play!

The brand therefore contacted Trustt to collect valuable data on their target group, but also to get qualitative publications on social media and authentic and detailed reviews on the product web pages. The challenge? Consolidate consumer confidence in the real benefits of these new products and consequently increase the conversion rate!


The solution

An ambassador program = an ultra-targeted community


Since January 2021, Philips has relied on the Trustt ambassador program on their website to recruit a panel of ambassadors who are a perfect match for their offer and to collect proprietary data. Within this framework, 3 product campaigns were carried out: 1 for the Philips One Blade Pro shaving device and 2 for the Philips Sonicare Prestige 9900 and Protectiveclean 4300 toothbrushes.

These 3 campaigns helped the brand recruit hundreds of ultra-targeted ambassadors, including nearly 40% of influencers: a committed community, perfectly in tune with the brand, which was able to be the ideal spokesperson for the brand’s new technological jewelry! As for the Philips group, it was able to benefit from many useful outcomes to develop their notoriety and therefore their sales…

The results

Reassurance through numerous ambassador reviews

Philips received a total of more than 280 reviews across the three campaigns. All of these authentic and detailed reviews allowed the appliance leader to identify what consumers like and don’t like, to reassure them about the benefits of these products and to send targeted messages that impacted engagement and conversion! These reviews are also visible on the media “Mon Vanity Idéal”, which has a community of 300,000 members and the most extensive consumer reviews on the market.

Besides providing information on the smallest characteristics of the products (packaging, benefits, sensoriality, who to recommend it to, etc…), Trustt reviews have also been a mine of information about… The ambassador who used the product! Age, lifestyle, skin type, hair type… By knowing this type of data, it was much easier for the readers to identify or not with the user of the product and know if they could have the same experience.

Au-delà de fournir des informations sur les moindres caractéristiques des produits (packaging, bénéfices, sensorialité, à quelle personne le recommander, etc…), les avis Trustt ont su être également une mine d’informations concernant… L’ambassadeur·rice qui a fait usage du produit ! Âge, style de vie, nature de peau, de cheveux… En ayant connaissance de ce type de données, il a été beaucoup plus facile pour les lecteur·rices de s’identifier ou non à l’utilisateur·rice du produit et savoir s’ils ou elles pourraient avoir la même expérience.

Social posts: word of mouth 2.0

UGC (User Generated Content) is valuable content, as it embodies the “2.0” version of traditional word-of-mouth. What is more powerful than a product recommendation made by an Internet user who looks like us, whom we identify with, or even feel we know personally?

The brand ambassadors’ UGCs enabled Philips to greatly expand its digital presence and reach a wider audience. With its Philips One Blade Pro campaign alone, orchestrated by Trustt, Philips was able to reach over 311,400 people! So many relevant profiles likely to place an order…

In total, more than a hundred publications of all kinds (Instagram posts, stories, Facebook or Twitter posts…) were published after the three campaigns. UGC is also a good opportunity for Philips to interact with its community, to exchange, but most of all to re-share the published content to make the most of these super-contributors!

Results of the usage tests

The results of the usage tests provided by Trustt helped Philips to quantify the feedback from the ambassadors about their experience with the product.

This data is valuable and can be used in all brand communications!

For example, Philips One Blade Pro ambassadors unanimously found the device to be precise, smooth and modern!


Opt-ins for ultra-targeted communication

Finally, the Trustt tool also helped the brand collect nearly 1,000 segmented opt-ins to enrich the brand’s database.

Philips can now send the right messages to the right people! Sending these targeted messages to a qualified audience contributes to building a community and improving the conversion rate of your e-shop via quality traffic.

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