Enhance your conversions with distributors

E-sellers: make sure you look good!

In the digital age, the power of e-commerce seems to be unquestionable. And yet, many companies are not satisfied to be simple “pure players” and opt for a physical distribution in addition to their e-shop. But it’s not easy to figure out how to drive physical sales through your e-shop… What’s the solution? Get the Trustt digital marketing tool to lead your target right to the checkout…


Physical and digital: are they inseparable?

“I spotted this product on your website, could I try it?” is a sentence we have all said one day. Today’s consumers no longer wait until they are in the store to start researching and comparing products. What we call today “consumer-actors” get information at home and come to the store with a very precise idea of what they want. The e-shop of a brand is therefore a real drive-to-store medium!


Trustt increases your physical sales with a digital marketing tool

Boost your in-store traffic and sales effortlessly with a SaaS solution integrated with your e-shop.

“61.5% of e-commerce managers believe that their online store has had an impact on increasing traffic to their physical store.”

according to the e-merchant profile study, Oxatis, Fevad, Kedge Business School.

A versatile product marketing

An easy recipe with only 3 ingredients allows any online store to get a lot of traffic and optimize its sales tunnel.

A unique solution that combines data collection, ambassadors’ reviews  and affinity influence to boost the performance of your online platform and your physical points of sale.

  • Data: Trustt automates product campaigns to help brands collect opt-ins, proven effectiveness data and consumer insights
  • Reviews: Authentic and extensive ambassador reviews provide information about the product and the user who wrote the review. By identifying with the reviewer profile, leads are directed to the products that really suit them.
  • Influence: Influencer marketing is the digital version of word-of-mouth. With its machine learning algorithm SophIA, the Trustt tool helps brands select the most qualified influencers to amplify their reputation on the networks.

From click to checkout

By being the only platform to combine data, reviews and influence, Trustt combines three digital marketing levers that boost traffic and conversions, both online and at the point of sale.

  • The op-tins and data collected via the Trustt solution enable brands to better understand their target audience and their consumption habits. With segmented opt-ins, send relevant messages to the right target to improve your in-store traffic and conversions.
  • Ambassador reviews reinforce the trust that your site visitors will place in your products and guide your leads – in their pre-purchase research process – to products that really fit them.
  • Trustt identifies the best ambassadors based on the matching of thousands of data points of the influencer and their audience. Increase the reach of your products on social networks and boost their virality to improve their sales in stores!

This is the number of data points already collected by Trustt to help brands better understand their target and its physical and digital consumption habits.