Proprietary data

Data: ready to become

first party?

Data is today’s most valuable business resource. It is impossible to know and predict the behaviors of your target without having information on their insights and habits. It is no longer possible to survive without collecting your own proprietary – first party – data.

proprietary data

Tell me about you…

With consumers becoming more and more informed and eager for total transparency, companies are all the more obliged to move towards first party data collection. However, it is not always easy to find the right approach to request personal information from your customers!

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Trustt makes it easy to collect proprietary data

Trustt helps brands collect fresh, authentic data that belongs only to the brands. Ask for demo →

“Only 1% of marketers are leveraging proprietary data to deliver a fully omnichannel experience to their customers.”

according to Djmdigital.

More data, fewer mistakes.

By giving brands ownership of their own consumer data, Trustt offers many benefits:
  • Avoid buying third-party data,
  • Help refine your targeting strategy and obtain a better understanding of your prospects,
  • Guide brands towards the design of the “perfect product” in a co-creation approach,
  • Improve business performance indicators such as ROI or conversion rate.
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first data party
trustt data collector

Trustt, versatile data collector

Trustt does not retain data. Brands retain ownership of the data they collect using the tool which offers:
  • Quantitative studies,
  • Product campaigns with a qualified consumer panel,
  • Complete and genuine customer reviews,
  • UGC on social media.
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That’ s the number of data points that Trustt has already collected to support companies in their commercial success

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