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6 reasons to launch a consumer product campaign

23 Nov,2022


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Did you know ? According to a Harvard Business Review study: 95% of new products never really break into the market. Very often, there is a gap between what the brand thinks of its product or service and how it is perceived by consumers… Indeed, having a great idea for a product or service does not guarantee its success ! Creating a new product or launching the idea of a new concept is a long term work that requires a lot of resources. This is why it is crucial to integrate into your marketing strategy the implementation of concept or usage tests of your products or services with a panel of target consumers. In this article, Trustt gives you 6 good reasons to use product testing with consumers to guarantee the commercial success of your concepts.

Product consumer campaigns

1- Measuring the appreciation of a product or service concept among consumers

Testing a concept with a panel of consumers before launching it on the market is essential, because it allows you to evaluate whether or not your product or service concept appeals to your target consumers. 

Thus, during the concept test, you will be able to question your consumer panel in detail via a questionnaire or a survey to find out:

If they spontaneously like this new product or service concept or, on the contrary, if they don’t see the interest in it,  

If the product or service in question meets a real need of consumers or a real customer problem, 

If your product or service concept has some design flaws and some points still need to be improved before the final concept is launched on the market. 

All this marketing data, whether positive or negative, is essential for the future development of your product or service. This allows you to identify at an early stage the barriers and motivations to its use, from the consumer’s point of view.

2- Evaluate the purchase intention of consumers who like your product or service

Good news ! Your target audience likes your product or service concept. Be careful, the fact that your target audience considers your product or service attractive, does not mean that they will buy it. 

 When testing your concept with consumers who like your new product or service, you can go even further in collecting data and ask them about their purchase intentions for this product or service in particular. 

This will give you valuable information about:  

The probability that your target consumers will buy your product or service; 

The place where these consumers would like to buy your product (physical store, e-shop…);

The price at which consumers are willing to buy your product or service;

The preferences of the consumers regarding: the design, the packaging, the composition of your product, etc.

All this marketing data collected through the implementation of concept tests allows you to develop products or services that match the real needs of the market, but also to implement marketing actions adapted to the needs and expectations of your target consumers. This way, you minimize your risk of failure and avoid losing money by launching products or services for which there is no demand. 

Trustt gives you access to a community of testers composed of 185,000 consumers pre-selected to match your products. All the marketing data you collect through your product testing campaigns is centralized in a single dashboard. The results of your product testing campaigns are easily accessible in a few clicks: you can consult them whenever you want and quickly assess whether your products appeal to your target audience. 

3- Determine which segment of the market your product appeals to the most

The implementation of a product or service concept testing campaign will allow you to know more precisely the audience with whom your product or service is likely to be the most successful.

Thanks to all the results obtained from the surveys and questionnaires of the consumers selected for your concept test campaign, you will be able to refine your targeting. 

You will gather valuable marketing data on the profile of your target consumers such as :

Their age range, 

Their socio-professional category, 

Their expectations and needs, 

Their motivations and obstacles, 

Their consumption habits, 


 Thus, testing a product or service concept with a panel of consumers and analyzing the marketing data collected allows you to be sure to launch the right concept on the market, but also to target the right consumers in order to maximize your chances of success and your ROI. 

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4- Co-create your products with your consumers 

Here is one of the most powerful marketing levers today: the co-creation of your products with testers. It responds to the need of today’s consumers to be more involved in the life of brands. Today, they no longer want to be passive, but want to be asked their opinion !  

Thus, co-creating your products with your target consumers by setting up product testing campaigns can be very interesting in many aspects: 

Create a product that meets the real needs of the market;

Differentiate yourself from competing brands; 

Benefit from an increased and free visibility for your product even before its launch; 

Boost your notoriety by meeting the needs of consumers; 

Ensure the launch of your product; 

Maximize your chances of sales and therefore profits.

The co-creation of your products can be done in different ways. Either through questionnaires and surveys on social networks, or through product testing sites or by setting up an ambassador program on your website. 

 In the case of an ambassador program, consumers will apply via your website to participate in different product testing campaigns. 

Once their registration is validated, the testers receive the products to be tested at home. Thanks to their feedback, you can continuously improve the quality of your products. 

Please note that these testers are not necessarily paid for their contribution. Sending them free products can be enough.

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5- Get qualified reviews and acquire new consumers

As you know, some of your products or services may be appreciated by consumers without them having the desire to spontaneously express their satisfaction. 

However, the reviews and recommendations of other consumers are essential to boost the act of purchasing. Indeed, these customer reviews have the power to reassure and reinforce Internet users in their purchase intention. 

When you set up a product testing campaign, you send free samples or test products to a panel of testers that you can select for their ability to influence. 

 These testers are then invited to leave a complete and authentic review on your website, your product sheets and to talk about it on social networks with their community. 

 These detailed and authentic reviews collected during product testing campaigns allow you to : 

Improve your brand image;

Build customer loyalty;

Attract new consumers; 

Stand out from the competition;

Boost your sales and your turnover. 

6 – Continuously improve your products and services to remain competitive 

Whatever the products or services your company has designed (beauty products, food, wellness, etc.), before launching them on the market, it is appropriate to know if their quality corresponds to your basic objectives. 

Thus, testing with a panel of users before the launch of your products allows you to detect potential design flaws and to correct them in order to avoid losing too much money if the launch fails.

 Post-launch testing allows you to continuously optimize your products so that each product perfectly matches the needs of the target market. 

In general, by continuing to focus on the quality of your products, you : 

Develop better and more optimized products; 

Always be as close as possible to the needs and expectations of consumers; 

This allows you to: 

Boost your customers’ satisfaction; 

Increase customer loyalty in the long term; 

Boost your brand image; 

Stay competitive;

Generate sales and increase your turnover. 

As you can see, testing your products or services with consumers throughout their life cycle is essential ! Do you want to test your products or services ? The SaaS solution developed by Trustt makes your life easier by automating all your testing campaigns ! 

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